Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stay Classy....

In the last few weeks I have been deeply immersed in the world of Reader Reviews. It comes as no shock that teen readers are passionate about their books and the characters thereof. What shocks me is the utter lack of respect given to people of differing views.
Were girls always this mean? I went to high school and there were cliques and rumors but nothing like what I have witnessed on threads on various sites. It stresses me out just reading them. F* off and shut the F* up and then bringing religious beliefs into it. WHAT?! These are most likely the same girls who sing, Give Peace a Chance and scream about religious tolerance.
There is apparently no such thing as intelligent discourse among the young. I guess I should be glad about the reasoning and thoughtful analysis these readers dedicate to the books they read, but No. I can't be. Everything is washed away by the sheer nastiness I have witnessed.
Why? Why treat each other like that? It certainly doesn't show any amount of intelligence. It doesn't speak to any ounce of self-control the reviewer might possibly possess. It doesn't make you look strong and fierce, it only makes it look as though you do not know how to handle yourself in the face of adversity. The snarling and snapping, what does it really amount to? Except to show the world your lack of respect for others. It's almost more than I can handle. It's really just beyond ridiculous. Do me a favor. If you ever do read my book please don't rip apart people who differ with you in their opinion of it. Don't ever defend me (or mock those who would) in a way that tears someone else apart. I'm a big girl and I've faced a lot worse than someone not liking my writing and I would never, ever advocate treating another human being with such a lack of respect.
There's debate and there's shredding each apart. Please, try and learn the difference.

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