Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No, Viktor isn't.....

A girl, practically swooning at my feet, asked me, no, begged me, "Is Viktor a vampire? Please tell me he is!?"
That, I cannot do. 
The von Strassenberg Saga is not a paranormal romance. 
Dark. Gothic. Historical. Contemporary. Thriller. Suspense. All these things, yes. Paranormal, no. While I enjoy reading paranormal romances it isn't something I write. There is enough wickedness in the human heart without the added fur or fangs. For me, that is where the real drama and terror lies...in the things one human can do to another out of selfishness and greed. 
If anything, The von Strassenberg Saga borders on science fiction, but not of the alien variety. Actual science. A little bit Dan Brown. A little bit Dean Koontz.  I am not trying to be another Stephanie Meyer or Lauren Kate or anyone else. I'm just me, with my gothic-contemporary-historical, romantic thriller of a family saga. 
$2.99 for Kindle and Nook. 

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  1. Vampires are SOOOO 2009. Seriously. JK;)

    I love that Viktor isn't. I think that if he, or anyone else, had been a vampire it would've lessened the story. And you're right, the darkness of the human heart is terrifying enough without a supernatural element.