Thursday, September 8, 2011

Before BlueStocking Girl There is Filter

Book 2 of the von Strassenberg Saga should be out sometime this fall (barring the miracle of me actually securing a literary agent before then). If you haven't read Filter yet, get on it! These books are not stand-alones. You absolutely need the first to make sense of the second. If you need a little more convincing here are snippets of reviews on Goodreads 

These are real reviews, not friend reviews. I don't have that many friends. And they are not paid for either. I'm too poor for that. 

Bunny says, "How they are connected is a mystery, and the story is basically page after page of adventure as we try to fit together the pieces of the puzzle. The story is dark, gothic, romantic, and tragic. Yep, Ole Miss Bunny Cates cried her face off toward the end. "

Dani says, "Wright's formatting of this book is part of what makes this book so “un-put-downable.” (Yes, you can quote She switches the story's POV chapter to chapter (first person for Rocky and third person for Katherine) and masterfully keeps the mystery moving through both storylines, revealing just enough to make sense of both stories, and often leaving you with mini cliffhangers until that heroine's next chapter. I've read some books recently where the shift between narrators is just a confusing mess; however, this is never a problem in Filter and the shift between narrators/timelines is one of this story's greatest strengths. Another aspect of the shifting POVs that I absolutely LOVED was that each POV was written to the period of the narrator. I absolutely hate when period pieces sound too modern day, but Wright has expertly tailored each girl's POV to their respective times." 

Heather says, "There are authors who know how to end a chapter and then there is Gwenn Wright who practically drives you into the beginning of the next chapter with her skillfull weaving of just the right balance of suspense and revelation!

Filter is also available in paperback at Amazon and Barnes and Noble (cheaper at Barnes and Noble!) and in just about every ebook format at

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