Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy New School Year!

If I seem distant, don't take it personally.
During the school year I morph into personal assistant to three grade schoolers.
I spend my days researching curriculum and finding good reads to supplement their lackluster
public education, making worksheets to drill math facts into their head, figuring out what they need to finish up their requirements for this year's Scout badges....and on and on. O and it's time for me to return to teaching Bible study to teen girls on Wednesday nights. And there's forcing my son to practice his piano and taking him to piano....
It's been really difficult to get any work done. My days are so choppy. Get up, get the boys up, pack their lunches, break up squabbles, take two to one school and the other to the upper elementary school, go home, write for an hour before my husband wakes up. Spend time with him, read while I wait for his call as he's driving to work, work at writing or marketing for another two hours, pick the one boy up and then the other two and then go to the library to get their homework done. The evenings are varied. Church class on Monday nights. Scouts on Tuesdays. Church Wednesdays. NOTHING on Thursday. I love Thursdays. And then Fridays...every other Friday I have to get them ready to meet their dad and then I go home and try to get more work done.
Most nights I have passed out around 10 or 10:30. I finally broke down and bought some Zyrtec, hoping that will help take the edge of my allergy issues and therefore maybe give me some energy.  I can't get anything done. Except for laundry and laundry and dishes and tending the ducks and watering the garden because we're in the middle of a drought.
For those of you who bought my book last month, if you're reading this, thank you. Back to school month is always difficult financially speaking and, because of you, I could put gas in my car without having to bum money of my husband. Not that he minds but still....thank you.


  1. Okay, I'm exhausted just reading that. YOU ARE SUPER WOMAN!! It's amazing you get anything done at all! Don't forget to breath, okay? :)

  2. No no. I do grumble! Lol! But I never did anything as a kid and wish that I had been able to. If they want to sign up for something I let them. Just give me some strong coffee and kick me out the door. It WOULD be lovely though, if my husband didn't have to work evenings!