Saturday, October 1, 2011

Casting Call at The YA Indie Carnival

If you've been following my blog (or searching Tom Welling's name), you know that "who should play the men of Filter" is not a new topic of discussion for me. Interestingly enough, no one seems concerned with who should play Rocky or Katherine. My 13 year old cousin, however, volunteered herself for the role of Rocky. lol

The ladies on my Facebook page voted for Alex Pettyfer as that mysterious hottie Peter Strauss, Max Irons as William Drexler the Third (sigh....), Gary Oldman as his creepy father, and Klaus von Strassenberg would be played by Ronald Guttman. And when you look at Ronald Guttman and his sharp nose and high cheek bones, it makes perfect sense to have Tom Welling play his heroic son.
Tom Welling would be sublime as the dashing Viktor von Strassenberg. O ladies....I can see it all play out in my head and it makes me weak in the knees.

Filter is available for Nook, Kindle, at Smashwords and in paperback! For reviews check out Goodreads.

UPDATES!!!I believe I have found the girl who most reminds me of my mental image of Katherine. Janelle Froehlich from the Twilight Saga. 
And thanks to one of my lovely readers I have now found the perfect young man to play William III! Brant Daugherty!
Brant Daugherty

Also, if you haven't seen. The Bluestocking Girl is now available
 in paperback and for your Nook or Kindle!

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