Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What You Should Know About BlueStocking

All right. Consider yourself warned.
When I first set out to write after a decade of not writing, my only goal was to construct a story that was truly original and didn't involve a girl being all suicidal over a boy. I HATE reading about girls being suicidal over boys. You know why? Because at one point in my life I was like that and now, looking back, I wonder why I ever wasted my time worrying about those schmucks. Even though at the time they looked like demigods. 
So I wrote my original story with it's carefully twisted and tangled plot. I built a tree on Ancestry.com just for the von Strassenbergs. Yes I did. 
NOW, now, I am not so afraid of the process and I've figured a bit more of it out and it's going to make a BIG difference in BlueStocking Girl
I am not big into the paranormal...vampires, werewolves...it doesn't scare me. What truly scares me is the evil lurking inside every human heart. The books I read and enjoy the most, tend to be gritty crime novels, medical thrillers, murder mysteries, where the danger within could actually happen to me. That's scary. But at the same time, I like me some romance. Real romance. Not this dramatic, "O my life is pointless without you," crap.
In BlueStocking Girl, expect more of who I am, as a writer. 
Expect more thrills, more twists and more sweeping romance. 
You'll get mad at me and then you'll love me and get mad at me again. Such is the nature of our relationship. But I'm okay with that. 
So prepare yourselves. 


  1. So hold the angst, bring on the grit... and the blood. I'm prepared. Bring. It. On.

  2. You say. O and you forgot to add the disclaimer, "JUST PLEASE DON'T KILL WILLIAM THE THIRD!"

  3. I think that goes without saying... or pleading.

  4. We shall see. Maybe you better start a "Save The Third" campaign