Friday, October 14, 2011

YA Indie Carnival: The Reader who Saved the von Strassenbergs

Filter was originally published first on Smashwords and then on Amazon in August of 2010. After a few months of floundering in the sea of self-published ebooks, I was convinced writing was not for me. My book was not meant to be successful. I was not meant to write. So Filter was yanked and I went back to doing my homework and trying to imagine myself in a regular 9-5. 
In early 2011, with graduation looming, it occurred to me that Filter should get another chance. So it went up for sale again and I launched an aggressive marketing campaign....without any financial backing for ads or such. Still sales were slow but better than they had been. Reviews slowly rolled in. 
Months went by and I had sold fewer than fifty books.
I was ready to throw the towel in again. 
One night, after a particularly lackluster review which misrepresented Filter, I raged against the whole idea of me being a writer. Well....a novelist. I would have to stick to journalism. In a fit of tears and prayers I swore the existence of Filter and any subsequent books would all hinge on the next review. If it was bad. I would give up writing. 
A few hours later, two five star reviews rolled in.
The first was from Dani Snell of Refracted Light Reviews.
It wasn't just that she gave Filter five stars, it was that she actually got it. From her review it was obvious to me that she saw the story as I did...a sweeping, gothic romance heavy with suspense and laced with hints of horror. That was the review that saved me and Filter and that still encourages me to carry on even when times are tough. 
Even more importantly than the review, Dani has become a good friend of mine and she is such a blessing. It is doubtful that without her and Heather and Angie and the others that BlueStocking Girl would ever have gotten started. 
See Dani's review of Filter here:

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ALL RIGHT! Through the holidays you can download Filter from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or Smashwords for  99 cents. Times are tough and I want to help spread the Christmas cheer! And, shouts of joy!, Amazon lowered the price of the paperback to match Barnes and Noble! Now it's only $11.11!


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  • Fisher Amelie (Author of The Understorey)

  • K. C. Blake (Author of Vampire Rules)

  • J.L. Bryan (Author of the Paranormals series)

  • Courtney Cole (Author of The Bloodstone Saga, Princess & Guardian)

  • Rachel Coles (Author of Diary of a Duct Tape Zombie and other stories)

  • Laura Elliott (Author of Winnemucca)

  • T. R. Graves (Author of The Warrior series)

  • P.J. Hoover (Author of Solstice)

  • Kimberly Kinrade (Author of Bits of You, Pieces of Me and Forbidden Mind)

  • Patti Larsen (Author of the short story, Henry and the newly released Run)

  • Michelle Leighton (Author of the Blood Like Poison series, The ReapingWiccan,Caterpillar, and the upcoming Madly series)

  • Lexus Luke (Author of Manitou and The Sky People Saga)

  • Amy Maurer Jones (Author of The Soul Quest Trilogy)

  • Alicia McCalla (Author of the upcoming debut novel Breaking Free)

  • Cheri Schmidt (Author of the Fateful series and Fair Maiden)

  • Heather Self (Author & Book Blogger)

  • Madeline Smoot (Author of Missing)

  • Dani Snell (You are here. Book Blogger)

  • Cidney Swanson (Author of Rippler)

  • Suzy Turner (Author of December Moon and Raven)

  • Nicole Williams (Author of Eternal Eden and the much anticipated sequel, Fallen Eden)


    1. Gwenn, I just downloaded Filter! Yay! I can't wait to read it! I love your story. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm so happy you persisted. Isn't it amazing how we can get just the right bit of encouragement when we NEED it most? I think it's so hard sometimes. This post really lifted my spirits! Dani is the best...

    2. Thanks Laura! And YES! Dani is the bestest!

    3. What a great fan experience...What a great story. Dani is wonderful.

    4. i'm sorry i was to sad
      i guess i will wait to see if i win the signed copy that way i will be able to do a review on it

      ( and to be honest i prefer print book than ebook so i will be patient)

      thanks for thinking about your reader ( even if it wa stoo late for me i see other were very happy)

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