Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dream Casting Round Up

Granted, we are millenia away from a von Strassenberg movie.
BUT to help readers see what I see (and there has been a lot of healthy debate on this issue), I have compiled a tentative dream cast for the movie which, in my dreams, is produced by Summit Entertainment.

It only seemed appropriate to use a shirtless pic of Alex Pettyfer as Peter Strauss spends a good deal of time without his. I know Daveigh Chase is only 5'7" and Pettyfer is only 5'10" but that's why they have Hollywood magic. And Abbie will just have to do a cameo, because the character is her, she is the character. It helps that she has plenty of stage experience. And remember, there's an 18 year spread between the past part of Filter and the past part of Bluestocking Girl. So Viktor is nearly forty in Bluestocking. While he's scrumptious in Filter, I think he's dangerously and tragically sexy in Bluestocking Girl and would swoon to see Tom Welling play Viktor in Bluestocking Girl. So, you want a movie? Tweet them and let them know!

And remember, both books are available in paperback and for Nook and Kindle
Ian Harding for William the Third

UPDATE!!! At my cousin's insistence I broke down and watched Pretty Little Liars. I wasn't stunned by the brilliance of the show (though I do enjoy it, the books even more so) but by Mr. Ian Harding a.k.a Mr. Ezra Fitz. He is EXACTLY how I envision  William the Third, from his the way he talks to the way he moves. I kept seeing that scene where he's running barefoot down Raquel's driveway in the rain....yup. So move Brant Daugherty over to Peter Strauss and use Ian Harding as William the Third, yes please. It's like a Pretty Little Liars reunion!


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