Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Passing of Legend

It is not something to expect from me...a blog post about a celebrity death. But for me Whitney Houston is more than just some distant celebrity who I never met. So many of my memories from childhood on  through adulthood have her voice singing the background music...from talent shows with little girls trying to belt out "I believe the children are our future...." and "I wanna dance with somebody..." to being teenagers swooning over the Body Guard and proclaiming, "I'm Every Woman...." to her "I Believe in You and Me" being attempted by a worthy singer at my sister's wedding. 

Just kind of stuns a girl. 

My Grandfather served in three wars. He was not easily impressed, especially with contemporary music. But he had to have the single of Whitney Houston belting out the Star Spangled Banner. He would cry when he listened to, every time, he was so moved by the power of her deliver. 

May God give her rest. 

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