Monday, January 14, 2013

Mr. Charles William Demure, Attorney

This morning I've been writing a scene for Katherine's Journal: The von Strassenberg Saga 2.5 that includes Katherine's father Charles William Demure. Going back over all his physical characteristics 

Broad shouldered
Hazel Eyes
Average height
Straw-colored, wavy hair

I was trying to envision which actor would be best suited to play him. It helps me play the scene out in my mind. At the time of Katherine's Journal, Mr. Demure is 43 years old, a veteran of the Civil War and a practicing attorney. 

Aaron Eckhart, though blue-eyed, was the first person to come to mind. 
But, I don't know, it doesn't sit quite right. 

The next option was Josh Lucas, also blue-eyed, but who doesn't love Josh Lucas? And that's what colored contacts are for. 

And can't you just picture Josh Lucas playing father to Henrietta, as portrayed by Ashley Benson,

And Katherine, as portrayed by Janelle Froehlich (who has brown eyes, not green but....) 

When I imagine Mrs. Raquel Anna d'Orleans Demure it is always in the form of Olivia Williams from her Peter Pan days. She's so lovely. 

Sigh. I just wish people could have the right eye color. It honestly IS a big deal in this story!

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