Tuesday, January 15, 2013


In honor of Teaser Tuesday I will tease you, my dear von Strassenberg Saga readers...even though you know how much I hate to give things away and how difficult it can be to tease without spoiling for those who have not read either Filter or Bluestocking Girl!

This Valentine's Day Viktor and Katherine (and yes, William!) are back in A von Strassenberg Saga novella which picks up right where Bluestocking left off...as well as after the swoon-worthy balcony scene between Viktor and Katherine in Filter. 

"These were not the belongings of the past prisoner he had imagined. These were a lady’s things—hairpins and stockings and a glove. There were more clues waiting but William no longer felt certain he wanted to know the dark secrets of this cell. as he reached in to draw out the next clue he tried not to think about what could have happened to a woman in a place like this. Without seeing, he knew what it was his hand next closed around. He hoped he was wrong but no, in his hand he held human hair, plaited in a braid, and bound at either end with bits of torn cotton. It was hard to discern the color of the hair in the ghostly glow of the LED lantern, a shade of brown, not dark or light, somewhere in between, was the best he could tell. William knew hair that color but tried not to think about it being in a place like this. He thought of Rocky’s short spiky hair, of the portrait in her living room--the small young woman who bore such a strong resemblance to her great granddaughter five times removed. He looked at the hair in his hand again and a wave of revulsion swept over him.
The Demure’s two missing daughters." ©2013GwennWright

Need to get caught up? The von Strassenberg Saga is available for Nook and Kindle and in a lovely paperback. 
Find it here on Goodreads ----> http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11234679-filter 
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