Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Last One! #TeaserTuesday

Katherine's Journal: The von Strassenberg Saga 2.5 will be out this Thursday! So here's your last snippet before the big day!

William's brain was fuzzy, intoxicated with the vision of Katherine. As original as Rocky was, her grandmother five times removed had her beat hands down. 
He allowed the image to float into his mind again; the image of Katherine he had formed while reading her words. It was the portrait on the mantelpiece infused with the glow of life. He could easily envision her, tiny and fragile and all the while formidable and clever. With a bit of embarrassment he realized he would like to fall asleep and dream of her again, maybe twirl her around on a ballroom floor or linger beneath the moonlight on a balcony. “I have a crush on a dead girl,” he whispered to the dank air.
What was it about Katherine? For that matter, he wondered, what was it about Rocky? She was different from any girl he had ever known. Of course, any girl from her side of town was likely to be unlike any girl he had ever known. ©2013GwennWright 

You can also enter to win a signed paperback copy (won't be out till April) here http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15788699-katherine-s-journal

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