Monday, September 16, 2013

Set William Free!!!

Oh my. 
Typically I don't read reviews of my books. 
It either puffs up my ego or smashes it. Neither is good. But today I traipsed into that land and wow. WOW. Some people are angry at me. 
They want William, they want to spend time with him and they want to know that he's okay. 
I want the same things. 
Truly I do. 
Thing is, if I rush the story it won't be good for anyone. 
Consider, each book jumps about seventeen years or so, with the exception of Lipstick and Bolsheviks. It went crazy on me. Part one opens in 1905, only nine years after the end of Bluestocking Girl. Part Two opens in 1917. This is crucial to the story. 
The historical part of The von Strassenberg Saga thus far spans 40 years. The contemporary part spans only a month. Book 3 closes in 1917 and we still have three more "Marias" to get through, and a gap of about 70 years to close. 
Things are coming together, I promise. With more revelations and more twists but you have to trust me. It's more fun this way. If you're like me, you don't want to know yet because if you did it would ruin the big AHA! that's coming. 
Stick with me, I know how it ends and you'll love it. Trust me, you want this to happen....

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