Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The von Strassenberg Saga: The First Four

The first four installments of The von Strassenberg Saga are now available in one enormous bundle! The length depends on the eReader you use (the Word document is 988 pages, Kindle is somewhere around 925). The bundle price of $5.99 will save you two dollars. 
Filter $2.99
Bluestocking Girl $1.99
Katherine's Journal .99
Lipstick & Bolsheviks $1.99 (for a limited after that limited time the bundle price will actually save you $3). 
And because it's so ginormous, the sample is actually fairly long. Most of the first book, I believe. 

Note: Lipstick & Bolsheviks is NOT the end!
I had a reader who was slightly heartbroken because he thought Lipstick & Bolsheviks was the end of the series and he was actually putting off reading it because he didn't want it to end. IT'S NOT THE END! In the very least there will be three more full-length installments and I don't know how many in-betweeners. It will keep going on until all of your questions are answered and there are no more cliffhangers to be hung. 

The bundle is available for NOOK and KINDLE

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