Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Holler's Grove Meet Wallace County

When I wrote Holler's Grove it was only supposed to be a stand-alone. I wanted a break from having to keep track of all the minute details of a series. The readers, however few, have different opinions. In reviews on Goodreads and Amazon (not to mention my sister and friends badgering me in person), readers have stated their desire to return to Bell County and spend more time with its inhabitants.
In response to their enthusiastic requests I have finally decided to place Dacie Mae's Wallace County beside Bell County. It actually fits quite nicely as Wallace County has just joined a Tri-County Drug Task Force. Dacie Mae is an aspiring reporter who attends a local community college--which will now be Carlson Community College that was described in Holler's Grove. She'll have a knowledgeable and passionate mentor in Liza McPherson who is still working at The Tribune. Sheriff Max Davis of Bell County will be working alongside Wallace County's Sheriff Roy McFarland and US Deputy Marshall Harrison McClain.
It will place Wallace farther north than I wanted but I've lived in northern Missouri and the twang still exists up there.
So, Bell County meet Wallace County.
Dacie Mae will be published as serialized novellas, each of approximately 10-20k words. Pretty much a chapter each, harkening back to the days of serial installments in the newspapers or magazines.
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