Thursday, April 24, 2014

US Deputy Marshal Harrison McClain

US Deputy Marshal Harrison McClain is swiftly becoming one of my greatest fictional loves.
I dare say, he is even approaching Viktor-status.
Don't get me wrong, I love William III (von Strassenberg Saga) and Max Davis (Holler's Grove) and you know I have a soft spot for that bad boy Peter Strauss (also VSsaga), but Viktor....I still haven't gotten over that.
Oh Viktor.
Someone get me a tissue. I'm getting all verklempt again.
While Harrison "Hank" McClain is no Viktor he is swiftly approaching fictional crush status.
Think Raylan Givens. That delectablly flawed lawman on Justified but younger.
He may even physically resemble Timothy Olyphant a little bit....couldn't help myself.

 Harrison McClain comes from a normal family, meaning his mother was not overly attentive or neglectful but paid just the right amount of attention to make sure he stayed in school and out of jail. His family was poor but not living in abject poverty. They did have to scrape by. Harrison learned the value of hard work early on. He mowed lawns, shoveled driveways, washed cars and dogs, did any odd job he could get. He grew up in Virginia as a bit of a ruffian, played high school baseball and was even offered a scholarship to UVa but turned it down to join the United States Army. While enlisted he slowly chipped away at earning his Bachelor's of Science online, eventually earning his degree in Criminal Justice. After serving six years he left the Army and applied himself to become a US Deputy Marshal. Once he graduated from Glencoe with top marks, he threw himself into his work.
I don't know who she is but give her big ears
and black eyebrows and this is Dacie Mae.
While he craves companionship he's not the kind to settle into a steady relationship as he's very focused on his job. Recently, after a snafu in West Virginia he was transferred to Missouri's Western District. Because of his experience dealing with rural communities and their drug circles he was assigned to help with the Tri-County Narcotics Enforcement Task Force set up by Blaine, Carlson and Wallace counties.
At 30, he is 8 years older than our heroine. Everyone in town, except for Dacie Mae and Harrison, know they are sweet on each other. And while Dacie Mae will sometimes admit to herself that he gives her a case of the stomach butterflies on occasion she mostly considers him to be as irritating and essential as the older brother she never had. As for Harrison, well he doesn't discuss his romantic feelings toward Dacie Mae, not even with himself but he knows there is something in him that would snap if anyone tried to do her harm. When hometown legend and crusher of Dacie Mae's heart, Henry Wallace, strolls back into town Harrison finds himself searching for any excuse to break the rocker's nose.
And he says stuff like this:

“Don’t you believe any man who makes you feel like you were just a one-time thing.” His arms tighten around me and his words tickle my ear, “You could never be any man’s forgettable moment.” He holds me away from him and I feel ridiculously like I could melt in the dark pools of his eyes. “You are a force to be remembered, Dacie Mae.” He tugs at the loose hair again and strolls away leaving me conflicted and frozen to the sidewalk. 

I love them. I love Dacie Mae and Hank. And I even love the fiery hatred Dacie Mae holds toward the cool, unflappable Henry Wallace. And at some point I know Hank is going to have to break Henry Wallace's nose because let's be honest, he has it coming.

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