Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Writing: Not the posh job you imagine

I am your typical self-defeating writer.
My career began when I penned my first poem in kindergarten. Maybe I didn't start making money then but that's when it began, when the gnawing need to create and weave stories wormed it's way into my marrow. Writing is what I do and who I am but most of the time I suppose that I do not do it very well.
My Eeyore attitude is only painted in deeper shades of gloom when you consider that no one around me understands what it is to be a writer. I live in a very normal sphere. Housework. Homework. Toilets to scrub. Socks to match (really, why bother?). Dishes to clean. Take the kids to school. Pick them up from school and so on. Normal. White picket fence normal but inside I'm all Johnny Depp in Twisted Window.
Okay. Maybe not THAT crazy but still not white-picket-fence normal, either. But who has time to be the flaky writer when there is so much practical crap that needs tending to? And nobody comprehends how consuming being a writer is?
It's an especially difficult thing to be a writer just starting out and not have flesh and blood people around you who really get it. I'm not one for writers' groups, being anti-social as I am, but the need to be surrounded by and inspired by professionals with war stories and scars is definitely growing.
This video came across my Twitter feed today. It is immensely helpful and comforting, one that I will probably come back to many times. John Truby gets it and articulates quite wonderfully what it is to be a writer. If you need some drive put back into your work watch this.

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