Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What I Want to Watch

There's a lot of junk on TV today. 
A lot of poorly conceived plots, shallow characters, shoddy dialogue. This is particularly true for television aimed at the YA/NA crowd. 
We won't even get into The Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle. It's painful for me as I have been a fan since the books first came out. Beyond that, most shows aimed at this age group center around the paranormal or superbly conniving, backstabbing elitists. It's okay to watch for awhile but eventually it gets tired. 
Lately I have found myself flipping channels and finding nothing that I really want to sink my teeth into. What is it that I'm looking for? What would engage my brain without enraging it? I find myself wanting to watch something like Dacie Mae. 
Dacie Mae is a strong, stubborn young woman trying to take care of her mama while still working toward her goal of becoming a reporter for a major newspaper. This is not an easy task when you're from Nowhere, Missouri and you have people who depend on you. She's smart and scrappy but still vulnerable, especially when it comes to romance. There is a dark secret that burdens her. And US Deputy Marshal Hank McClain adores her in the most infuriating sort of way, leaving Dacie Mae unsure if he views her as a kid sister or a potential girlfriend. 
This is what I would like to watch. This young girl fighting for her dreams, battling romantic notions that may or may not exist, caring for her mama, scrapping with redneck drug dealers....something real and encouraging but still sexy and thrilling. 
I love working on Dacie Mae and plan for it to be a long series as we watch her struggle her way to the city and realization of her goals. I am behind schedule and apologize for that. My only excuse is an awful first trimester. Not too much longer and the final installment of Dacie Mae: Midnight Under the Magnolia will be available. KINDLE NOOK

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