Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Voices of the Voices in My Head

It's funny to me, but this is how I have always worked, even when I was in middle school and working on a novel.
While writing, I have to listen to a certain song or songs and nothing else. Working while listening to a radio station doesn't go over well. And it's always a certain song that will bring that particular story to life.
Oddly enough, my antique characters, as I like to call them, prefer smooth jazz...Norah Jones, Michael Buble. And my current characters prefer classical (Debussey, Beethoven). It just seems backward to me, but they won't work for me if I try to switch their playlists. Very funny.
It's like the playlist you take to the gym with you. If those songs come on while you're out shopping, or anywhere really, you'll feel an impulse to start jogging. It's the same when I pop in Norah Jones, suddenly Katherine starts squirming around in my thoughts, wanting to tell me some more of her tale.
Being a writer makes one a bit of an odd duck. Or is it rather, that being a writer comes as a result of being an odd duck?

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