Sunday, May 16, 2010

Robin Hood ~ UnDisneyfide

 This is not Disney's Robin Hood.
And thank heavens for it.
I sat in the dimness of the theater and, as the first graphic faded in, wondered if this was going to be a big waste of our time and money.
For about ten minutes I continued to ponder this.
By the end, I was completely sold.
As Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark, so is Russell Crowe Robin Hood.
Crowe was brooding and calm and manly and honorable and romantic and it was spectacular.
And Mark Strong is just hate him instantly, he's good at being deplorable.
Cate Blanchett is Lady Marianne.  Just lovely.
Strong, well-placed cast.
The story was excellent even if I had some qualms with some of the director's choices. In a few scenes it seemed as though Ridley Scott forgot he wasn't directing 300. And there were just some shots and some dissolves and it looked kinda like the editor must've been hopped up on something or gotten mixed up in the lessons his grandpappy gave him about old school editing. It was just weird in one scene, but just that one. It's forgivable.
A lot of people were walking out of the theater talking about how disappointed they were. Hey buddy, it ain't Disney's version. There are no cute little foxes or cuddly lions or simpering serpents. Wanna be history buffs were loudly complaining that they got their history all wrong. Find me a movie when they didn't.
Robin Hood is a legend. It's a movie. A fictional movie.
And a stinkin' awesome one.
I will buy it when it comes out.
More than that, I walked out of the theaters excited about the next Robin Hood movie. Which I don't know if they are planning on making one, but they had better!

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