Saturday, May 15, 2010

The New and Improved Iron Man

Actually that's not really a fair title.
Iron Man, the original was fantastic. So glad I saw it at the theater and bought it as soon as it came out.
It's so much fun, like a sass-talkin' funky roller coaster ride.
Iron Man first there was some concern. It seemed way overdone. Even for Tony Stark and I was just imagining it from a marketing standpoint....we'll  pull the young men in with scantily clad women and a wicked awesome new Audi (which, they need to give back to me, now that the tins are sealed and sent).
Iron Man II is a superhero movie.
Well, duh, you say. 

If Iron Man was a roller coaster...Iron Man II is more like the thrill ride...not only does it take you so high and so fast you feel yourself pulled from your seat and your gut and teeth clench takes you around the curve, to a darker place, out of the sunlight.
We knew Iron Man was going to kick butt and steamroll the bad guys in the first movie and, going in, we expect the same in IM II. But then we linger in the dark places and we begin to question how all of this will end. And maybe he'll win, but what will remain after he does?
Being the prude that I am....there was too much skin. My sons can't watch this. It cracks me up when marketers make all this little kid toys for these movies and the movies are completely inappropriate for that age group.
Mickey Rourke, awesome, awesome job and I usually don't like him.
Scarlett Johannsen, or however it's spelled, did a good job. Although I swear that move she does when she locks her legs around the guy's neck was CG. And note, they sped the film way up on her wicked awesome moves.
Don Cheadle slid seamlessly into this role. He was as outstanding as ever and is a perfect match for Downey.
Gwyneth Paltrow is again perfect as Pepper Pots. The way she a Robert Downey Jr. play off each other is so very familiar for some reason....
And Robert Downey Jr.
No one else could be Iron Man. Or Tony Stark. He and the suit are definitely one.
So glad we went to see it.
Now if only I can talk the man into taking me to the matinee tomorrow.
Should it be Robin Hood or Nightmare?

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