Friday, August 27, 2010

Look at my Ugly Mug

Some people like to collect things.  Coca-cola memorabilia, Kewpie dolls, bottlecaps.
Not me.
I never understood it. It's just useless stuff that collects dust.
But I find myself collecting coffee mugs.
It started with our wedding mugs, given to us by my mom's boss. Her boss had asked what we like and mom said, "Well, whenever he comes over they always have their evening coffee." It was our ritual. He worked in the mornings/afternoons and then went to school at night. I was going to school and raising the boys. So the man and I only got to see each other a little bit each evening. We dated only six months before getting married (we were engaged my senior year of high school....and married eleven years, three kids and one divorce [each] later) and told everyone we had to get married so we could at least sleep next to each other! For two years we really didn't see much of each other awake, so yes, that evening coffee was very important. It extended our consciousness for a little bit so we could watch the first five minutes of a movie together before falling asleep.
And that's how our mug collection started. He chipped his. I'm hoping that's good luck!

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