Sunday, June 19, 2011

Unruly Characters

I understand that the voices in my head are not real. 
The problem is: they don't.
When first beginning a story, it is usually one line of dialogue that runs through my head continuously until I let it out. If I continue ignoring said voice long enough, it gets louder and usually some friends come to join in. 
It isn't unlike that great book or movie or song that gets stuck in your head and won't get out. Except this is all coming to life inside my thoughts. 
Well, I had my ideas about how to write book 2 of The von Strassenberg Saga. But every time I sat down to write the contemporary part of it, I would hit a brick wall. ALWAYS with the brick wall. Finally one day I threw my pen and paper down, that's how I write when things are difficult because that's how I wrote when I was a kid, and picked up a Grisham novel. There is no greater muse than getting lost in a good book. At least for me. Quite suddenly, the problem presented itself. I was fighting the characters again. This was something that happened while I was writing Filter and I fought it through 80 pages until eventually I realized that it would all be crap if I didn't give in. So I gave in and started over. Fortunately, it is still early in the game for book 2. And where the brick wall stood is exactly where the story needed to diverge from my expectations. And WOW! The contemporary thread of the story is completely different from Filter. If you loved William Drexler III in Filter, and I know some of you are literary crushing, you will catch your breath at him in book 2. His story is tragic and lovely and oh, sigh. He is William Drexler, isn't he? :) 
So things are now going very well with book 2! Thought some of you might like to know that!


  1. I'm even more excited for book 2 now. I'm dying to learn more about the mysterious William Drexler III. :)

    /sigh I'm commencing my search for my very own WDIII immediately. ;)

  2. tsk, tsk, searching won't simply have to wait. Most likely you will meet him in a bookstore. ;)

  3. Good point!! I always have to smack myself on the head and remind myself to stop looking. Good things to come to those who wait, right? :D

  4. Yes, even if that wait is REALLY long! In the meantime stop thinking about it and do those things you want to be doing. School, travel, whatever it is. Trust me, learned my lesson the first time around. When I was in my late teens I spent so much time concerned about boys that I missed out on a lot of awesome opportunities, some days it gnaws at me but, just like with boys, I've learned not to focus on it. All in good time. Keep your eyes on the day before you, it slips away so quickly.