Tuesday, January 22, 2013

#TeaserTuesday, Katherine's Journal

It's Teaser Tuesday!
Take heart, Valentine's Day is less than a month away!

From Katherine's Journal: The von Strassenberg Saga 2.5

“Your precious Viktor,” he whispered near my ear, his foul breath washing over me. “Has disappeared. He has been gone so long,” with his finger, so long and thick it could have been a small branch, he yanked at my hair, as was his habit. “They begin to worry if he is not dead.”
I did not respond though the questions burned in me. Why had he gone and to where? There was no time to ponder these concerns or even for tears to well in my eyes before he added, “The doctor is fuming, you know?” He never called Klaus von Strassenberg anything other than the doctor. He was not a creature bound by convention. He narrowed his light red eyes at me as though searching my thoughts to see if I could reason out why the doctor would be fuming, other than the simplest reason that his one good son had run off. He leaned back upon his bed, resting against the wall. A sheen of sweat shone on his pale skin as the light of the oil lamp danced across his features. He would be taken away for more treatments soon. I rejoiced at the thought of him falling ill once more and felt no shame for it.
“The doctor,” he continued, watching me carefully, his words beginning to slur. The weariness was setting in again. Klaus would return soon with our evening meals. Peter would undoubtedly try to hide his symptoms from his father but even I could see the signs that would lead to the inevitable sedative. Many nights I had dreamed of this opportune moment when the doctor was consumed with the task of coaxing his son to inject himself and then with the even more arduous task of dragging the immobile hulk onto a gurney. I would wait until Klaus was inside the cell with us, when all of his effort was concentrated on lifting that colossal form, and I would leap past them, out the door and grab the keys off the wall, imprisoning them both. Invigorated by my escape, I would take flight up the twisting stone staircase and find my way back to Viktor.
Only, I knew, my plans would not succeed.©2013GwennWright 
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