Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Release Tuesday! Midnight Under the Magnolia

It's been awhile. 
My brain pretty much went into hibernation throughout the first four and a half months of my pregnancy. Suffering from constant nausea and narcolepsy is hard on the creative process. We're almost at five months now and my energy has returned, to some extent at least, and I can sit at my desk for more than twenty minutes before the need for sleep overwhelms me. Thanks to this burst in energy I was finally able to finish Dacie Mae: Midnight Under the Magnolia (it went live today!) and get started on The Devil's Children: The von Strassenberg Saga, book 4. It's my goal to have book 4 done before my May 13 due date. 
I blame this guy. Boy #4

After that, we'll see if I will get any work done during the first month. My husband will be away for that first whole month. Can't be helped. I've done it before, having been a newly single mom when my third son was born, but I've never tried to write a book and chauffeur three older boys while raising a baby on my own. And I'm ten years older than I was then. All I can promise is that I will try to keep getting the stories out. We can hope this kid won't be a colicky insomniac like my oldest son. That would be excellent. 
In the meantime, enjoy Dacie Mae and brush up on your von Strassenberg history because more twists and revelations are coming!

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  1. Congrats! I just gave birth to our 2nd boy a few weeks ago and it's a WHOLE. DIFFERENT. BALLGAME. when there is more than one child!! I'm excited to see your new material!